AtHome PC Services

A Personal Local Service To Solve Your Computing Problems


* Desktop and Laptop Diagnostics

o Disk Drive management
o Hardware failures
o Software failures

* Component Installations and Upgrades

o RAM Upgrades for Desktops and Laptops
o Video Cards and Drivers
o Modems
o Multimedia Kits
o Hard Drive -- Including Data Transfer
o Scanner Installation
o Digital Camera Set-up and Installation
o CD-RW/CD ROM/DVD Installation
o Floppy Drives
o Software Installation

* In-Home/Office Set-up - PC and Components

* Advise

o New PC or Network Equipment
o Upgrading PC or Network

* Training (CertEd, Microsoft, CompTia ECDL Qualified)

o Software packages (Word, Excel etc)
o Hardware Installation & Upgrade
o Web page building
o Networking
o Home Technology Integration

* Desktop Cleanup

o Case/Fan/Vent cleaning
o Peripheral cleaning
o Adware/Malware Cleanup
o Hard Drive Cleanup

* Broadband Installations

o New or Existing systems
o Wired or Wireless setups
o Upgrade Cables and Systems

* Network Installations

o Wired or Wireless networks
o Network Cards and Drivers
o Cables and connectors

* Security

o Wireless
o Virus/Spam/Adware
o Data

* Virus

o Investigation
o Removal
o Recommendations

* Firewall

o Set Up
o Management
o Recommendations

* Adware

o Investigation
o Removal
o Recommendations

* Data

o Backup
o Restore
o Recommendations




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